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Four years ago I asked the residents of Portsmouth to elect (hire) me to serve on the Portsmouth Public School Board. Now is the time for my evaluation from my employers, the citizens of Portsmouth!

In 2016 I promised to act strategically for the entire school division. I have been the catalyst for TWO NEW Career and Technical Courses (Pharmacy Tech and Barbering). I advocated for and voted YES to raises for staff every year of my tenure. I helped develop a new policy geared towards keeping the public safe when using school property for non-school events (School Board Policy KG-P). My voting record shows my fiscal responsibility (no 82% raise for School Board – no to contracts that are not beneficial to the division as a whole).

I ask for your support and vote to continue the work needed to move Portsmouth Public Schools forward.


I work for the people! 

Angelia Allen

Increased Career and Technical Education Opportunities

During my term on the Portsmouth Public School Board, two new CTE programs introduced from my recommendation Pharmacy Technician in 2018 and Barbering starting 2020. Both programs required limited a startup investment but will yield opportunities for Portsmouth Public School students to graduate with professional certifications for jobs paying above minimum wage.

  • Continue to increase Career and Technical Education Opportunties.

  • Continue to ensure students are Citizen, Career and College Ready.

Ensure Student Success

Our students are our most significant investment. We must ensure that Portsmouth Public  Schools offers every opportunity for students to graduate college, career, and life ready.  We must strengthen our community relationships to generate opportunities for mentoring, job shadowing, and employment opportunities for Portsmouth Public School students.

  • I will continue to advocate for resources for students who may struggle with a virtual learning environment.

  • I will continue to promote our First College program while seeking partnerships that will assist our students with scholarship opportunities to mitigate post-high school expenses.

  • I will advocate for programs that address the School to Prison Pipeline.

  • I will continue to advocate for All students especially our most vulnerable populations such as Special Education and English Language Learners.

With social challenges presented by COVID-19, Portsmouth Public Schools must partner with community resources to provide as many wrap-around services to benefit our students.

Maintain Fiscal Responsibility

I will continue to advocate the needs of our school communities while being a  responsible steward of the public’s investment. We must take care of our front line staff first. Funding should not flow up then trickle down.

  • I will continue to advocate for Competive Wages for our Teachers and Staff members.

  • While the School Board and City Council haggled to give our staff a 2-3% raise, I did not vote to give the School Board an approximately 82% raise.

  • I have not and will not vote for contracts that are not fiscally responsible for our division or our city.

  • I will continue to consider strategic initiatives, equity, and effectiveness when reviewing the allocation of funds.

COVID-19 has and will present funding challenges for Portsmouth Public Schools that will require the School Board to reprioritize where to allocate funding. Portsmouth citizens need to see a return on their investment, and I will work each day for the next four years to ensure this happens.

Cultivate a Caring Culture 

It is my desire to see Portsmouth Public Schools as a division known as a premier workplace where we invest in our staff with a competitive salary, professional development, and opportunities for advancement within the Division. I want Portsmouth Public School staff to feel included valued, and supported.

  • I will continue to foster a Safe and Secure Learning Environment for all Students, Teachers and Staff.

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