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A Clear Vision for Our Future

The Honorable Angelia Allen believes in community service and education.   Her strong commitment to civic engagement is the primary reason that she dedicates much of her time to improving the lives of her most important constituents – the students of Portsmouth, Virginia.  


Angelia was born in Chester, Pennsylvania.  She has been a Hampton Roads resident since 1996, and a proud member of the Portsmouth community since 2012.  Well known for her love of all things Portsmouth, Angelia has demonstrated an unshakeable belief in the value of public education to effectively prepare Portsmouth students for today’s jobs and tomorrow’s careers.  She believes that her responsibility as a School Board member is to create and support strategic decisions that serve the best interests of the entire school division.


A proud veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves, Angelia is a graduate of Portsmouth’s Vann H. Lefcoe Leadership Development Program, LEAD Hampton Roads, the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership, and Emerge Virginia. Also, she’s a graduate of Project Inclusion, an award-winning leadership development program presented by the United Way South Hampton Roads.  She is a member of Third Baptist Church, the Parkview Civic League, the United Way of South Hampton Roads’ Women United and African American Leadership Society affinity groups, a founding member of Visionaries for Change giving circle, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and the American Legion Post 190. 


Angelia is an engaged and dedicated member of the following boards and commissions: Virginia State Board of Social Work (by the appointment of the Governor), Portsmouth Schools Foundation, Portsmouth Social Services Advisory Commission, Children’s Harbor, and Portsmouth’s Newport Community Development Authority.  Angelia previously served on the board of Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia and as President of the Portsmouth Task Force on Aging.  


As a school board member, Angelia is a steadfast proponent of life-long education to improve anyone’s life.  She will graduate with a degree in business in 2021.  She is currently the marketing director for a long-term care facility. She is passionate about assisting families as they make decisions on the safest and most appropriate living accommodations for elders.

In her spare time, Angelia enjoys reading and cooking.  She spends time with family and friends and is the doting “pet parent” of her Maltese, MyaRuth.  She also enjoys promoting the excellent amenities and attractions that her adopted hometown of Portsmouth offers.  An avid traveler, Angelia is always alert to opportunities to attend conferences and workshops that enhance her ability to be of service to the City of Portsmouth.

Elected Member

Portsmouth Public School Board 2016- Current 

Gubernatorial Appointment

Virginia State Board of Social Work 2015- Current

Board of Directors 

Children’s Harbor 2011- Current

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia  2014-2019 

Community Outreach Coalition 2015- Current 

Portsmouth Schools Foundation 2016- Current 

Executive Board Member

Portsmouth Task Force on Aging, President, 2016-2018

City Appointments

New Port Community Development Authority- Chair-  2018- Current (Appointed 2015)

Social Services Advisory Commission-Chair -Current (Appointed 2015)

Leadership Development

LEAD Hampton Roads - 2014

United Way of South Hampton Roads Project Inclusion – 2013

Vann H. Lefcoe Leadership Development Program -2011

Emerge Virginia -2016


Park View Civic League 

United Way of South Hampton Roads Council on Diversity and Inclusion 

Women United of the United Way of South Hampton Roads  

African American Leadership Society of the United Way of South Hampton Roads

UNCF Hampton Roads Masked Mayor’s Ball Committee Member 

Hampton Roads Community Foundation Visionaries For Change (Founding Member) 

Envision Lead Grow (Board Advisor)  


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